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The Small Corner of the KKSongs Webmaster


সংসার আমাক পাগল বল

আমি সংসার পাগল বলি! J


Samsar amake pagal bole, ami samsare pagal boli

(The world calls me crazy, I call the world crazy.)


Welcome to my small corner of this immensely huge website! This is essentially random things that probably might not fit with devotional songs or Indian music.


Biography has my personal background information.


Krsna Calculus is a presentation that was done from 2001 to 2002. It was a Krsna Conscious presentation of single-variable calculus. For high school or college students, this may come in handy!


Articles contains some devotional and musical articles I have written for the site.


Veggie Burger Recipe is an article I wrote for Chakra and Dipika in 2001. Its something I make every so often.


UPDATED: January 8, 2010