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The bansuri is a bamboo flute that is played transversely. The bansuri is a very old instrument that dates back to nearly 5,000 years ago around the time Sri Krsna appeared on earth. Per Vedic scriptures, He plays the flute. The bansuri contains six or seven holes including a hole meant for blowing air. Unlike the Western flute, the bansuri is specific to a key. Thus, the bansuri above is only meant for playing the key of D. Thus, it is not uncommon for bansuri players to keep dozens of flutes for various keys and moods.


During classical performances of the bansuri, there is usually a person in the background, usually a disciple of the main performer, acting as a backup. Usually, the main performer will need bits of a break from excessive blowing in the instrument.



 AUDIO CLIP: Bansuri


UPDATED: March 12, 2012