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Sarasvati Vina


The Sarasvati vina is the instrument that is common in South India. As its name implies, it is associated with the demigoddess Sarasvati Devi, the goddess of education, arts, and music. Narada Muni, the son of Brahma, also roams the universe and cosmos playing the Sarasvati vina. Of all stringed instruments termed vina (lit.stringed instrument”), the Sarasvati Vina is undoubtedly popular, especially in South Indian music.


The entire instrument is carved from a single block of jackwood. There are four main strings with three rhythmic drone strings, known as the talam strings. There is an upper tumba resonator that is functionally vestigial is used mostly for balance. The finger board starts with a head of a lion, continues downward with frets set in wax, to the end of the instrument which bronze bridge is found. Unlike the sitar of the North, the Sarasvati vina does not contain sympathetic strings and the bridge does not require constant upkeep, for it is a solid metal.


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