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Learn to Read Devanagari!

Welcome to the KKSongs Guide to Reading Devanagari script!


This guide will allow you to read languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali.


Lesson 1: Letters of the Alphabet

Lesson 2: Forming Simple Words

Lesson 3: Reading Vowels Markings

Lesson 4: Anusvara and Visarga

Lesson 5: Consonant Clusters 1 (Nasal Elements)

Lesson 6: Consonant Clusters 2 (Mix of two letters)

Lesson 7: Consonant Clusters 3 (Special Exceptions)

Lesson 8: The letter “ra”

Lesson 9: Letters not from Sanskrit

Lesson 10: Reading Practice



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UPDATED: September 28, 2016